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The Kimberley

The Kimberley is untamed and vibrant and its mix of national parks full of nature-created wonder, magnificent gorges and tempting beaches give it a pure character. Ancient in age and vast in area, the Kimberley is full of natural beauty. Many of the national parks in the region are part of a 350 million year old coral reef which once dominated a sea covering much of Australia's north west. As the waters receded, the reef was left to fossilise in the open and has since been carved into spectacular gorges by millions of years' worth of flood waters.
Warm sunny days with balmy nights and white sandy beaches have made Broome a mecca for tourists. 2,230kms north of Perth and 1,860kms south west of Darwin, this unique and exotic town is the southern gateway to the magnificent wilderness area of the region. Broome is well-serviced by regular flights and coaches from Perth and most major centres. Originally established in the 1880s as a pearling port, the town of Broome enticed many foreigners to its shores, creating a distinctive multicultural society. Broome has benefited from this international influence and buildings throughout the town reflect a mix of colonial and Asian design and the farming of cultured pearls continues today as a major industry.
Situated 3,206kms north east of Perth, Kununurra is a wondeful gateway to the exciting East Kimberley region where you can marvel at the Ord River and the vast inland sea of Lake Argyle. One of the biggest towns in the Kimberley with a population of 6,000, the town is the main administrative centre for farmers, pastoralists and tourism industries. Destinations in this region include: Broome, Gibb River Road, Halls Creek and Kununurra