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Caravan parks and holiday resorts in Perth

If you're travelling the open road or after a more relaxed style of accommodation, you're likely to find yourself at a caravan park somewhere in WA. Generally caravan parks cater for caravans, campervans, motorhomes, camper trailers and tents and many parks offer self-contained cabins and onsite vans. Many have extra facilities like swimming pools, recreation areas and restaurants onsite.
Within Western Australia's national parks there are more than 100 campgrounds, many of which are suitable for caravans and campervans. These have the most basic of facilities - no power and no running water - so you should be well-prepared and self-sufficient. Camping is only permitted in designated camping areas and bookings may be required especially during peak periods.

Caravan parks in Australia's South West

Caravan parks in Australia's Golden Outback

Caravan parks in Australia's Coral Coast

Caravan parks in Australia's North West